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How often should you replace your refrigerator seals?

The seals on your refrigerator doors generally wear out either through repeated general use or excess wear and tear from mishandling.

Furthermore, gaskets in commercial kitchens may wear out faster due to the large differences in the internal temperature of the refrigerator and the external temperature of the kitchen causing the gasket material to weaken and eventually distort.

So, in general most refrigerator gaskets should be replaced every 6-18 months based on use.

The Importance of Gasket Replacement
The Importance of Gasket Replacement
How to check if you need a new refrigerator seal?

If you’re not sure whether your refrigerator needs a new gasket then check for the following:

Obvious wear/tears in the gaskets

Gasket is falling off the track

Frost building up around the gasket/door

However, if you your seal does not match the above conditions but you still suspect it is not sealing properly then you can try the following tests:

1) Paper Test: place a piece of paper in between the door and the frame then close it to check the seal. If the paper does not hold in place, this is the first sign that your gasket may be worn and not sealing completely. Make sure to check all sides of the refrigerator. Furthermore, you can try to pull it out and if there is no resistance then this is another sign that the seal may not sealing completely.  

2) Light Test: use a flashlight or the flashlight feature on your cellphone and place it inside the fridge. Then close the door and see if you can see any light from the outside. Make sure to check the corners and all sides of the refrigerator. If you can see any light seeping through then this is another sign that your gasket may not be sealing completely.

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