Hydraulic Door Closer (flush)

Exposed Body-Flush

Hydraulic Door Closer (flush)


Exposed Body-Flush

Quality Control Guaranteed

We perform our Triple Double-check system to ensure quality control at each crucial stage:

  1.  Double-check the measurements and profile type
  2. Double-check welded corners for long-lasting durability
  3. Double-check the final order quantity and that they are packed correctly (no folding) prior to shipment.

Product Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Although our gaskets are commonly used to replace OEM parts. We cannot guarantee compatibility with your unit based on the model number alone. It is recommended to identify and measure your gaskets first to verify the correct gasket needed.

If you need help with this please contact us or refer to our resource page. All gaskets are custom-made and sized to your specifications.

Simple Return Policy

Not happy with your gasket? We’re here to fix that. We are committed to resolving your issue promptly, whether that means providing a new gasket or issuing a full refund. Often, we can resolve issues without the need for a new part, saving you time and hassle. Simply let us know what is wrong and we’ll work with you to find the best solution and ensure you have the right gasket for your refrigeration needs. See our full return & refund policy here.

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