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Common Profiles by Manufacturer:

Adcraft – RF-14
Advantedge – RF-33
American Panel – RF-14
Amerikooler – RF-14
Anthony Aftermarket – RF-51, RF-55, RF-59, RF-60, RF-61, RF-62, RF-64
Ardco Aftermarket – RF-60
Asber – RF-11
Ascend – RF-14
Atlas Metal – RF-14, RF-83, RF-87
Bally – RF-47
Bel-Par – RF-83
Beverage-Air – RF-11, RF-14
Blue Air – RF-24, RF-33
Cold Tech – RF-14, RF-17, RF-24
Coldmatic – RF-41, RF-14, RF-33, RF-40
Continental – RF-11, RF-14, RF-59, RF-87
Curtis – RF-14
Delfield – RF-41, RF-42, RF-43, RF-48
Everest – RF-24
Foster – RF-44
Franke – RF-14, RF-91
Glastender – RF-14, RF-87
Habco – RF-14, RF-17
Henny Penny – RF-95
Hobart – RF-14, RF-44, RF-60, RF-83, RF-87
Hoshizaki – RF-14, RF-26, RF-62
Hussmann – RF-59
International Cold Storage – RF-14, RF-49
Kelvinator – RF-11, RF-14
Kolpak – RF-14, RF-49
Leer – RF-14, RF-59, RF-62
McCall – RF-14, RF-60, RF-62
Master-Bilt – RF-14, RF-33
MKE – RF-14
Norbec – RF-14, RF-17
Norlake – RF-14, RF-33
Perlick – RF-11, RF-14, RF-24, RF-83
Silver King – RF-36
Traulsen – RF-14, RF-17, RF-24, RF-45, RF-47, RF-83
True Mfg – RF-11, RF-14, RF-21, RF-22, RF-35
Turbo Air – RF-24, RF-33
Victory – RF-11, RF-14
Zero Zone – RF-51, RF-62, RF-64

Not sure which profile is a match?

No problem, simply send us a picture of the gasket as per the instructions here: How to Order and we’ll match it for you.



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