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When you are in the food business, you cannot stop thinking about maintaining food safety and standards. It’s your duty to ensure that your food products are safe and uncontaminated. After all, it’s about the customer health and your business reputation. When we are talking about maintaining food safety using refrigerators, one component that plays a significant role in this process is the cooler door gasket.

These cooler door gaskets do a simple job of creating a seal between the door and the frame of the refrigerator. Yet, they can have a great impact on the safety of foods. Let’s take a look at how cooler door gaskets can impact food safety and why you should take care of them.

Prevent Temperature Fluctuations
The primary duty of a cooler gasket is to prevent cold air from escaping the refrigerator and hot air from entering it. When the seal is broken, worn, or damaged, the cold air can easily leak out and the temperature inside the cooler can fluctuate. Such fluctuations create an environment for the bacteria to thrive and cause foodborne diseases.

Extend Shelf Life
When the refrigerator gaskets are functioning properly, they can easily keep unwanted elements out of the fridge. As hot air, contaminants, and moisture won’t be able to enter the fridge, it can easily extend the shelf life of your perishable food items. This way, you can reduce food waste and ensure that you serve your customers with only fresh and safe-to-eat food items.

Reduce Cross-Contamination
An important purpose of properly working cooler door gaskets is that they prevent cross-contamination between different food items. But when there is no proper seal, airborne contaminants can easily enter your fridge and increase the risk of bacterial growth and food spoilage.

Improve Energy Efficiency
Apart from taking care of the food kept inside the refrigerator, a properly functioning cooler door gasket also contributes to energy efficiency. When the gasket is working completely well, the refrigerator doesn’t have to work hard to maintain the desired temperature. This results in lower energy consumption and overall operational costs.

Compliance with Food Safety Regulations
Regulatory agencies have issued strict guidelines to ensure that businesses ensure food safety and quality of the food products. This also includes maintaining cooler door gaskets as per the guidelines. If someone fails to adhere to these guidelines, they may have to face legal repercussions and fines.
As these cooler gaskets are essential for keeping food safe, it’s essential for businesses to prioritize their maintenance and replace them as per the requirement. This is why you must inspect the gaskets regularly and take action as soon as notice an issue.

If you are looking for cooler door gaskets for your commercial refrigerator, RefriGaskets is the best place for you to shop.

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